The MotoWinch (Patent Pending)

The MotoWinch is an entirely new lightweight and compact multifunctional tool offering

you a;

  • Motor cycle Winch to lift your dropped bike
  • Axle wheel nut spanner / wrench set (optional)
  • Bead breaker to separate tyre from rim (optional)
  • Tyre spoon set to remove / mount tyre from / on rim (optional)
  • Service jack for general maintenance (chain lube, brakes, etc.)

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Tyre-Pro Tool Set 


Pocket sized Tyre-Pro Set (Patent Pending) 

The pocket size Tyre-Pro Set  is an ultra compact and light weight and the only truely portable Aluminium tyre repair tool set especially designed for adventure and enduro riding. The Tyre-Pro Set is the ultimate  solution for any road side tube repair problem. It offers you a;

  • modular axle nut spanner / wrench set
  • ultra compact, light weight and very strong tyre bead breaker
  • modular tyre spoon set
  • modular common lever system

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