The MotoWinch - Patend Pending

The MotoWinch is a versatile Multitool designed for minimum weight, maximimum compactness and to combine functionality of several application. A Patent has been applied for the MotoWinch. It can be used on almost any bike and if treated with care will last a life time. 


The MotoWinch offers you a;

  • Winch to lift your dropped bike.
  • Service jack for general maintenance, like chain lube, brake inspection, etc.
  • Bead breaker to separate tyre from rim (optional).
  • Axle wheel nut spanner set to remove your wheels (optional).
  • Tyre spoon set to remove / mount tyre from / on your rims (optional)

Compact and very light

The MotoWinch shaft is composed of five Aluminium tubular sections, 3 x 25mm (1") plus 2 x 20mm (0.8") which are nestable inside the 25mm tubes. As a result it is packed as only 3 tubes of 22,5cm (8.8") long. The five individual tubes are assembled with   male/female connectors turning it into one very strong shaft. The connectors have O-rings which keep all parts together and prevent unwanted separation. You push them in for assembly and pull them out again when ready. The 110cm (43.3") working height of the MotoWinch is chosen to allow easy lifting of all types of Motorbikes, including tall dual sports bikes. For a demonstration video please click HERE


The MotoWinch is offered with two different ratchets; the standard LC1500 and the larger LC2500.  For more details please refer to page 'MotoWinch parts'.

The standard LC1500 ratchet is suitable to lift any bike with a gross weight of up to 300kg/660lbs including luggage. The packed weight is 1.8kg (4.2lbs) and the package size is approximately 25x12x10cm (10x4.7x4"). The MotoWinch package with the larger LC2500 ratchet has the same packing dimensions but weights 2.2kg (5lbs).


Easy hook-up

There are several ways to attach the lifting strap to a motorbike. The MotoWinch stands 110cm tall and has been designed to allow convenient attachment of the strap to the handlebars. The handlebars are always easy to reach and it eliminates the need to crawl down on your knees (in the mud) to attach a hook somewhere to a difficult accessible frame part or foot pegs. The strap has a loop on one end and you simply sling it round the handlebar end, pull the other end through the loop and tighten it. No metal hooks or other means required. Hook-up to an easy accessible crash bar is also possible.


No risk of damaging motor parts

Attaching the lifting strap to the handlebars also eliminates the danger of damaging motor parts or the strap itself because it will not be pulled against e.g. hot engine parts, plastic motor parts, saddle or tank. When the strap would be attached to lower frame or foot pegs, the saddle can be pushed out of its locking, the saddle cover or stitching can be damaged or plastic parts can be crushed or damaged.

These problems are completely avoided by attaching the strap to the handlebars which are always easy to reach. And in this way the strap will always stay entirely clear from the bike.


Note that not all types off handlebars are suitable to lift the bike. Older model bikes with long steel tubular handlebars like the picture shown, are not strong enough to be used for  lifting. In case of doubt, please contact supplier.


During operation, one hand holds the top of the MotoWinch while an upward pulling motion with the other hand will lift the bike with each click of the ratchet. While the bike is lifted, the MotoWinch shaft will incline towards towards the rising motorbike. This incline can become as much as 45 degrees. The MotoWinch however, is firmly planted on the ground and prevented from sliding away due to the flexible high friction rubber ferrule foot. Stabilizing the base with one foot however is always required as a safety precaution.


Service Jack

For the inventive person, the MotoWinch has built-in additional functionality. It can be used as a service jack for removing front or rear wheel, for lubricating the chain, inspect brakes, etc.


Load Spreader

When your bike is a dual sports bike and you use it off road, the load spreader is a recommended option. For more details please refer to page 'MotoWinch parts'.


Axle Wheel Nut Spanner, Tyre Spoon set and Bead Breaker (optional)

You can add several accessories to the MotoWinch to turn it into a MultiTool. With the Bead Breaker, you will have a powerfull plier to break the bead of most motorcycle tyres. The Axle wheel nut ring spanner adapters and tyre spoons, mate with the upper MotoWinch shaft sections. Any wheel nut can very easily be loosened/tightened and tyres can very easily be removed from the rim and re-installed with these extremly strong and powerful tyre levers with a modular length of up to 55cm! For more details please refer to page 'MotoWinch parts'.



By combining several functions into one tool, the MotoWinch is the ultimate travelling tool with minimum weight and packing volume and maximum versatility.