The pocket sized Tyre-Pro Set (Patend Pending)

An ultra compact and light weight and truely portable Aluminium tyre repair tool set especially designed for Adventure and Enduro riders. The Tyre-Pro Set offers you a;

  • axle nut spanner set (available sizes; 17/22/24/27/32mm)
  • ultra compact, light weight and very strong bead breaker
  • tyre spoon set
  • common lever system for spanners, spoons and bead breaker

Ultra compact, light weight and truely pocket sized

The most commonly used tools are not designed with the emphasis on compactness and are often awkwardly long, don't fit in a tool bag and are difficult to carry on bikes with very little storage space. The Tyre-Pro Set is truely pocket size and consists of two small pouches of only 16 x 9cm (6.3" x 3.6") (roughly the size of a smartphone) with a weight of approx 275 grams (0.60 lbs/9.7 oz) per pouch. This allows easy storage in jacket pockets or even in inner pockets, very useful for day rides when you don't carry luggage but also for longer trips and adventure rides when space and weight are at a premium. The choice for two pouches is driven by storage flexibility; two smaller pouches are easier to stow away than one larger pouch.

Modular design

The Tyre-Pro set is not only lighter and much more compact than any other comparable tool set (there is no comparable tool set really!) but it is also much more efficient and easier to use due to its longer levers. The Tyre-Pro set comes with four lever sections of 13,5cm (5.3") which can be assembled in various combinations. The lever sections are common for the axle nut ringspanners, the bead breaker and for the tyre spoons. Using common lever sections for all applications reduces the size, volume and weight of the tools significantly and eliminates carrying around unnecessary bulk.


With the available lever sections you can assemble the following tool length combinations;

  • axle nut spanner combo's in 12.6"+12.6" or 8.25"+16.5"  [32+32cm or 21+42cm]
  • tyre spoons combo's of 13.4"+13.4" or 9"+17.3"     [34+34cm or 23+44cm]
  • bead breaker levers of 13.4"+13.4"   [34+34cm]

With this set-up you can remove wheels, break the bead and remove the tyre easily from the rim for replacement or to fix a flat tube. Without specialized tools this can be a very tough job, particularly in the field.

The Patented (pending) Bead Breaker Design

The Tyre-Pro bead breaker is an innovative and uniquely designed tool element which joins the two tire spoons and creates a powerful bead breaker plier with the functionality, dimensions and power of professional shop tools. The Tyre-Pro bead breaker set combines long powerful levers with a plier opening span of 35mm (from closed to fully open).  Conventional travel bead breaker tools have a much smaller span (approx. 15mm) and much shorter levers, making the bead breaking on many tyres still very difficult.The Tyre-Pro set will break the bead on any motorcyle tyre.


Road side tyre repairs don't get any easier than with the Tyre-Pro set

For a demo video of the Tyre-Pro Set please click HERE.


The Aluminium components

The Tyre-Pro components are manufactured in the Netherlands with State of the Art CNC milling machines. All part are machined from extremely strong billet 7075 T6 “aerospace" Aluminium. This guarantees maximum durability and strength with a minimal weight. All parts are anodized to ensure optimal surface finish. The various parts can be purchased separately or as a complete set.


The Tyre-Pro Set; a “Must Have” tool set for road side tyre repairs.